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Hi, and welcome to BlueBellaDonna ... my name is Donna, and I'm an artist working in the visual, jewelry, fragrance, metal, wood, botanical, bone, and digital arts; and I'm a practicing folk herbalist, and writer. My physical creations are all handmade, hand designed, and handcrafted; I work in small batch with a focus on quality over quantity. And my digital creations are all designed using professional software.

» My physical product line includes artworks • jewelry • botanical fragrances & aromatherapy items • herbal bath-beauty-body products • metal, wood, bone, and botanical curiosities.
» My printable, digital download product line includes stickers • coloring pages • small business stickers.
» My print-on-demand (POD) product line includes stickers • tote bags • mugs • art prints • throw pillows • tee shirts • hoodies • and more.

Be sure to check my shop often to see what items are currently for sale.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of my products helps pay for the food, shelter, and medical care for rescued & feral cats & kittens (www.thecatforest.com).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Owner, Maker, Creative MultiTasker

I'm a one-woman show | folk herbalist, alchemist, photographer, jewelry designer, artist, crafter, marketer, copy writer, packager, shipper, customer service, site designer, and more. I'm the artistic, magical force behind it all!


From a very young age I could be found | drawing &  painting • photographing nature • writing poetry & stories • experimenting with herbals/botanicals • rooting through old costume jewelry • crafting lacey things • singing & dancing • playing in rain puddles • chatting with trees & wildlife • being obsessed with the paranormal/supernatural • learning culinary skills from my Grandmother

Today, I'm a | mom • gramama • furkid mom • wife | visual artist • jewelry designer • fragrance & metal alchemist • wood, botanical, and bone crafter • graphic designer • folk herbalist • writer | visionary • bohemian • moonlight dancer • forest & ocean addict • nature & animal lover • roadtrip enthusiast • paranormal/supernatural buff • a purveyor of pretty & feminine items, and dark & mysterious items | small business owner {BlueBellaDonna}

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